Time Cube is a theory made by Otis Eugene "Gene" Ray, who claims each day consists of four days occuring simultaneously.It argues Greenwich Time is a global conspiracy.

YouTube video of introducing the theory and its creator can be found HERE.

Dr Gene Ray Time Cube Experience Series shot by Ray’s disciple Richard Janczarski can be seen HERE.

TempleOS is a biblical-themed operating system developed Terry A.Davis, who is diagonised with schizophrenia. It was first advertised in the subreddit of programming with the name LoseThos.

This system doesn’t have the network function. Terry claims the low resolution and limited choices of colour is the message from God. The YouTube video of introducing the history of this system and Terry can be seen HERE. The operating system can be downloaded HERE.

This is a website created by people who believe that the moon-landing was a hoax. There are several categories of evidence to prove the theory. 

The website and its theories are appealing from the presentations of ‘scientific evidence’ and ‘research’, with the self-awareness of other hoxes and assert they’re different and harmless. However, those evidences such as ‘flamless engine’ exactly demonstrated their lack of knowledge in physics. 


Hyperhero became a superhero since the beginning of the universe. In his website, he documented a list of swear words he encountered in his career of crime-fighting and equipment he used in the heroic deeds such as saving the astronauts and the world. Hyperhero also invented the wheel and the letterpress.